UEAALDF files brief in Supreme Court School Integration Cases

UEAALDF's intervention into the critical
Los Angeles public schools desegregation case

Legal Documents:

Lawsuits brought by the
American Civil Rights Foundation and Pacific Legal Foundation:

Sept. 28, 2005 and Oct. 11, 2005

UEAALDF Legal Brief for Intervention
Jan. 31, 2006

UEAALDF Reply in Support of Motion to Intervene
Feb. 27, 2006


Issamar Camacho
LAUSD Student

Jose Miguel Camacho
LAUSD Student

Kim Yamasaki
LAUSD Student

Susan Yamasaki
Parent of LAUSD Student

Jennifer Gutierrez
LAUSD Student

Jay Greenfield
LAUSD Student

Yvorn Aswad-Thomas
LAUSD Student