UEAALDF's Intervention into the
Los Angeles Public Schools Desegregation Case

Declaration of Jay Greenfield

1. During kindergarten through 7th grade I attended Calmont in Topanga. It was a private school. I had major problems with the school. It was one hundred and fifty students, all white and one black student who was mixed with black and white. One year, a white kindergartner called the one black second grader a ďsand n-----rĒ. The black student went to the principal to make a complaint. The principal said she just couldnít believe that a student whose family made so much money could say such a thing. The average salary per family at Calmont was $200,000. After a parent conference with both families the principal said that there would be no action taken against the white student because it was all ďhe said, she saidĒ. Itís shocking to see that in a society thatís come so far. It showed such a blatant racism in the 20th century.

2. There are just so many incidents of mistreatment at that school I canít even begin to say. In January 2000 I had just seen two close family members die. I was shaking in class and dropped my pencil while writing a one page history paper. The teacher yelled at me for dropping my pencil. He sent me to the principal. The principal made me stay in the hallway for three days in a row. Instead of the one page paper on history he made me write a fifteen page paper on respect in the classroom. I came home with the assignment and told my dad and he sent a letter to the school. The next night he received a form letter fax with a handwritten comment at the end by the principal basically saying it was a bunch of lies. In the 90ís there was not much known about Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder ADHD. When I was in kindergarten I got sent to the same principal about 25-30 times, and one time I got two days of lunch detention. These experiences really affected me psychologically and emotionally. I couldnít take it there anymore and had to get out.

3. I was able to get into Hale Middle School for my 8th grade year. Before I left Calmont the principal tried to get me to stay. I thought ďafter all that you put me through you want me to stay?!Ē

4. The difference between my private school and Hale was like going from a 1920ís black and white silent movie to being like a rap video. I felt normal. I didnít feel like a minority. There were so many different types of people. It was really nice.

5. I think if the PWT program ended it would be worse. I would leave the school district if busing ended. I would never have faith in CA or people. I wouldnít be able to think of people having a heart if the case got passed.

6. The average high school GPA of students at El Camino who live in the area is 2.5. The average GPA of a bused in student is 3.0 or something like that. It shows they actually care. If you live in poverty or you donít who wouldnít want to go to school thatís academically enriched. The PWT program has made me more knowledgeable about other peopleís ideas, thoughts, and feelings because Iíve spent my teenage years growing up with different types of people. I think I would have still been made fun of if I went to Calabasas or a school like that. Iím more understanding. Being a part of this court case would have never been possible if I stayed in private school. Helping civil rights and integration issues in education is an honor for me.

7. This will be bigger than Brown v. Board of Education. This is the biggest case ever. This is one of the biggest school districts in the nation in one of the biggest states.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. This declaration was executed in Los Angeles, California on January 30, 2006.